Capacity requirements planning module is used to determine the sufficiency of the available capacity of each restricted resource such as machines and molds over a dynamically generated scenario. The user has the capability to change the mix of required production quantities, safety stock levels, the number and hours of shifts available to some of the machines to check whether the projected capacity will be able to handle the projected required production.

One important distinction with respect to factory operations scheduling is that factory operations scheduling system also handles the sequencing of each operation over each workstation whereas capacity requirements planning module is not concerned with sequencing. This implies that capacity losses which depend on the sequence of operations such as sequence dependent changeover times are modeled only approximately by this module. If sequencing of each operation is required to check the sufficiency of capacity, then factory operations scheduling module must be used.

The module has supporting functionality such as dynamic material requirements view, warning generation mechanism, dashboards for KPIs and resource utilization charts to better interpret results and support decision making.