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Industrial Engineering / Operations Research Consultant – General Application

Job Description

Novalab is a successful software development and consultancy company operating in the domain of advanced planning and optimization with some of the leading companies among its customers. Our team mainly consists of industrial engineering/operations research consultants and software developers in a fairly flat organization structure.

We love solving challenging problems and take pride in developing the best solution for a given problem, sometimes problems seemingly impossible to be solved for our competitors. We are seeking people with strong imagination, analytical ability, will and discipline for industrial engineering/operations research consultancy team.

This is a general application and applications are going to be processes as soon as a position becomes available in the related field.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Presenting the software to potential customers
  • Understanding the optimization related needs of a company and modeling those needs with the capabilities of the software as part of an ongoing project as consultant
  • Modeling the needs of a customer which must be addressed by software development and communication of the model and the needs to the software development team
  • Communicating with the customers and the development team to address the priorities
  • Testing of the newly developed capabilities before deployment to the customers
  • Training and teaching customers of the capabilities of the software
  • Providing support for customers over e-mail and phone

Qualifications and Skills

  • Knowledge of manufacturing processes and planning, preferably with a degree in Industrial Engineering, Management Science or Mechanical Engineering
  • Knowledge of operations research techniques
  • Knowledge of project management
  • Knowledge of MRP and/or ERP systems and their capabilities
  • Strong interpersonal and teamworking skills
  • Strong analytical skills