About Us

We develop new technologies

Novalab is a specialist, young and dynamic company operating in the advanced planning and scheduling domain since its inception. All of the solutions that we developed are customized and deployed for our customers to their highest satisfaction by our highly competent consultants which ensures that we keep the top spot in our markets of operation. Since 2010, the backbone of our solutions is the concept of “interactive planning” which enables the agile management of even the biggest shop floors which in turn helps our customers to satisfy their own customers’ orders in the best possible way. And we still relentlessly develop our technologies to serve our customers better.


xS Planner (2006 - ):
xS Planner is a planning application with the infrastructure to be used for any planning problem. One of the top priorities since the release of the first version is to provide the best solution in the shortest amount of time to allow for maximum flexibility for decision making.
Interactive Planning
“Interactive planning” is our concept of how planning should be done, which says that planning must involve all stakeholders’ point of views, even subjective ones, and all available pieces of relevant data as soon as they become available; resulting in the selection of “the best” of the alternative scenarios by evaluating each scenario from all required perspectives. Hence, interactive planning is the key to generate and execute closed loop real life compliant plans to manage operations continuously and efficiently.

xS Planner 1.0 (2006 – 2007):
A classical plan generation per request type of planning software with the exceptional capability to generate plans in a matter of seconds to minutes on an ordinary laptop instead of hours to days. The system has the capability to integrate with any data source, be it an ERP or MES.

xS Planner 2.0 (2007 – 2010):
Dynamic constraint definition capabilities to model subjective aspects of operations management not directly apparent in the available data are added. Furthermore, basic interactive concepts such as copy, cut, paste type plan modification tools are introduced. The architecture is extended for modeling any type of planning problem beyond production planning problems.

xS Planner 3.0 (2010 – 2013):
Full implementation of “interactive planning” concept with interactive dashboards, warning lists, material requirements in addition to other resource (tooling, operators) constraints based views.

xS 3.2 (2013-2016):
The execution speed of the system is further improved in addition to the introduction of the new modules such as forecasting and vehicle routing. Support for both synchronous and asynchronous modes of data integration is implemented. Finally, the designs of screens are refined.

xS 4.0 (2016- ):
Major improvements to system performance and UX as well as a switch to Java Web Start architecture has been made, the latter of which permits efficient use of continuous integration technologies.